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EDITORIAL: Big Oil is really behind fight over fuel efficiency [The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Calif.]

Dec. 18–The Trump administration’s fight with California over vehicle mileage standards has been a little bit of a head-scratcher, at least insofar as what motivates it. Does President Donald Trump just hate the environment that much? Maybe. But investigative journalism by the New York Times reveals that Big Oil is really to blame. For a…

Portland land purchase hinges on condition of buried pipeline [The Middletown Press, Conn.]

Dec. 18–PORTLAND — The future of the town’s proposed purchase of Brownstone Avenue land that sits on the riverfront depends on the condition of an underground oil pipeline. Like the pipeline, action on the proposal continues largely out of sight but no less determined. The town reached a tentative agreement last year to buy the…

UAW approves six-year deal with Navistar [Dayton Daily News, Ohio]

Dec. 18–SPRINGFIELD — Members of the United Auto Workers confirmed today that the union approved a new, six-year deal with Navistar that includes the local unit in Springfield. The deal will provide labor peace moving forward as Navistar continues its long effort to rebound financially and regain market share several years after the company struggled…

Homeowners file first in series of lawsuits against Crimson Pipeline over 2016 oil spill in Ventura [Los Angeles Times]

Dec. 17–A Ventura couple has filed a lawsuit against Crimson Pipeline LLC alleging the company failed to clean up oil from a 2016 spill that sent gallons of crude onto their property. The lawsuit, filed Friday in Ventura County Superior Court, is the first in a series of eight complaints expected to be filed this…