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Small Business Invoice Factoring

Small Business Invoice factoring is a powerful tool available to entrepreneurs. In addition to instantly boosting cash flow, hiring a factoring company as an outsourced accounts receivable department removes the burden of processing payments and more.

Small Business Invoice FactoringInvoice factoring can easily solve many cash flow problems caused by customers delaying payments 45, 60, 90 days…or even more. This can be especially true for cost-intensive businesses in the transportation and service sectors such as trucking companies, staffing companies, guard services, oilfield services, janitorial and maintenance companies, etc. Invoice factoring is accessible for small start-up businesses too. This is because Charter Capital purchases your invoices based on the credit worthiness of your customer rather than your credit, or how long you’ve been in business.

The benefits of invoice factoring for your small business are extensive and usually more than offset the factoring fees. Also what you can consider is how much you get to keep. If spending a little makes you a lot, doesn’t it make sense?

Running out of cash is not an option for any business to survive, and raising capital for a small business is difficult and time consuming. Using small business invoice factoring to quickly get additional capital in smaller chunks will get you the cash your business needs without risking a loss of equity or ownership.

Benefits of Small Business Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring Can Be The Answer To Many Cash Flow Issues

It’s time consuming to collect on an invoice. So, when a company finances its accounts receivable, they are getting their money faster and without the cost and effort of the collection process.

With small to mid-sized businesses, freeing up working capital through invoice factoring can prove to be vital. The funds can be immediately invested into the business operation for new equipment, used to pay outstanding debt, or used toward payroll. It’s certainly more desirable than the alternative: chasing the customer for payment and defer everything else while the money is tied up in unpaid invoices.

Working capital in-hand today is better than dashed dreams tomorrow.


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