Critics worry the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s wind down of TARP will unintentionally, adversely affect small business lending.

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Many Small and mid-sized companies that are looking to grow are still running into difficulties when looking for financing: Loans are still hard to come by but invoice factoring may help.

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Consumer borrowing up by 3%

In the current banking environment, factoring may be a cost effective solution to obtain necessary working capital for small business growth.

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Charter Capital is offering non-loan working capital financing through an accounts receivable factoring program supporting a wider range of small business suppliers than those currently approved by Wal-Mart’s “Supplier Alliance Program.”

Historically, factoring has not been well known especially among small business owners.

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With FDIC reserves plunging to $10.4 billion from $45 billion last fall and the number of troubled banks rising to 416 from 305 in the first quarter, more pressure is being put on banks to “shape up”.

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An S&P report has indicated that $695 billion in debt will come due between now and 2014 causing companies to face the possibility of default.

As the credit crunch continues to intensify, large companies are employing strategies to shore up their cash flow constraints by delaying payments to their suppliers.

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Recent economic reports have indicated that we may pull through the current economic crisis reasonably soon. Many economists believe that the economy is beginning to show signs of recovery.

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