Can Telecommuting Work for Small Business

Small Business Telecommuting

Telecommuting – allowing employees to work all or at least a portion of their week from home – isn’t a new idea. However, it’s a growing trend that offers small businesses and workers alike many mutually beneficial advantages, but can cause several problems as well….

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Small Business Risk of Lax Online Security

Small Business Security

Hardly a week goes by without news of yet another big online security breach that has put a well-known company and its customers at risk from malicious hackers out to steal identities, pilfer corporate secrets, or install malware or viruses. Recent victims include such household…

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DIY Publicity Campaigns

Sales and marketing aren’t the only ways to grow your business. There is another component that you can use to influence and attract potential customers: public relations. And one critical component of public relations is the media publicity campaign. The good news is, while there…

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Build Your Business by Building Relationships

Build Business Relationships

Running a small business takes a lot of time. There’s administration, payroll, taxes, hiring, production, etc. to take care of each and every day. Not to mention the unforeseen but seemingly inevitable “brush fires” you have to put out. And as there are only 24…

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Factoring Can Be A Road Back to the Bank

Very often, fast growing companies face a cash-flow crunch due to a limited line of credit. When a bank establishes a line of credit, it’s usually based on a company’s past performance and it’s difficult to increase that line. A young, growing business that is…

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Invoice Factoring: A Case Study

Factoring is generally accessible for even the newest small businesses, because factors actually purchase your invoices rather than lend money, focusing their credit analysis on your creditworthy customers.

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Small Business Street Smarts

Small Business

Small businesses often fail to grow for lack of funds to cover short term working capital needs, not because business is bad!  The biggest challenge faced by most small businesses is how to fund the growth that makes owning your own business a worthwhile endeavor….

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5 Small Business Marketing Tips

In any market, good or bad, small business owners must continually think about how they can continue to grow and attract new customers. Here are five small business marketing tips that can help you thrive. 1. Mobile enable your online marketing With more than a…

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