7 Cash Flow Management Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

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Cash flow management mistakes can throttle business growth. They’re also incredibly easy to make and can go undetected until serious issues arise. They’re one of the reasons why 90 percent of small businesses sought emergency funding during the pandemic, per the Federal Reserve Banks Small…

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6 Business Growth Strategies for Successful Small Businesses

Growing business or store from small to bigger as success

You’ve created a product or service people appreciate, developed a brand, and finetuned your processes. You’re profitable and doing well, but your small business isn’t growing. What gives? Developing effective business growth strategies is a serious challenge. Just one in five manage to scale their…

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10 Common Myths & Misconceptions About Invoice Factoring

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Invoice Factoring

“Beware of the half-truth,” as the saying goes. “You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.” While the quote is certainly appropriate in many situations, it hits home a common issue experienced by small businesses looking for business funding. Many “facts” you read are…

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