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At Charter Capital, the process is very simple. Your first step is to complete the form to the right and we will be able to contact you with pricing in less than 24 hours.

Factoring rates as low as 1%*

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Once we have set you up with a factoring line, obtaining cash for your accounts receivable is simple and easy:


  • You provide your service or product to your customers as you always have.

  • You continue to bill your customers as you always have.

  • You submit your invoices that you want to factor to Charter Capital along with our simple factor form.

  • We wire your funds directly into your bank account - typically, in less than 24 hours.

  • We wait for your customer to pay us directly. When we receive payment, we notify you right away.

  • You continue to grow your business, free from the worry of your cash-flow.


Top 10 Reasons to begin factoring your accounts receivable with Charter Capital:

  1. Factoring can turn your accounts receivable into immediate cash without giving up equity

  2. It's quick and simple

  3. Factoring allows you to offer better and more competitive credit terms to customers

  4. Factoring enables you to take advantage of early payment or volume discounts

  5. Factoring lets you concentrate on growing your own business

  6. Factoring helps you to begin to build and improve your credit

  7. No new debt - factoring is not a loan

  8. Factoring helps to get invoices paid faster

  9. Early detection and warning of customer service problems

  10. Receive professional collections, invoice processing assistance, credit screening and monitoring

Call us toll free at (877) 960-1818 or email us today to find out how easy it is to set up a Charter Capital FactorLine. One of our account representatives will be happy to visit with.

* Factoring rates are subject to qualifications determined during the underwriting process.

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No Hidden Fees

Get a no-obligation quote TODAY

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Charter Capital services many industries. Here are just a few of the industries for which we are currently providing no-loan business financing:

Oil and Gas Services

Charter Capital works with many Oil and Gas Servicing Companies who have gained a competitive advantage with invoice factoring.


Trucking & Freight Services

Trucking Companies prefer Freight Bill Factoring from Charter Capital because we can meet the demands of these fast moving companies.


Since Staffing Companies often run into cash flow issues in order to meet payroll, Invoice Factoring makes perfect sense.



A readily available source of cash is available to purchase materials, maintain inventory, or expand operations.




Security Firms

Charter Capital has a great deal of experience accommodating the financing needs of Security Companies.


Consulting & Service Firms

Factoring is an ideal cash flow solution for service companies such as professional consulting or technology service companies.