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When it comes to freight factoring, one star stands behind you.

• Fast approval process
• Flexible terms
• Same day funding
• Competitive rates
• No hidden fees

Growing business financing
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freight operations

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Routine or unexpected repairs.

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Meet payroll obligations and add new drivers.

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The lifeblood of your business.

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Protect your business

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You need fast, steady access to working capital for:


Freight Bill Factoring for Trucking Companies

Freight Bill Factoring For Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers


Steady cash flow is the fuel that accelerates your business. A freight bill factoring line from Charter Capital is your solution for obtaining funds and services to operate and grow your trucking company. Borrowing from a commercial bank or online lender these days can be full of pitfalls, so rely on Charter Capital for affordable working capital without incurring additional debt, speedy service that keeps you rolling, and an easy funding process that removes roadblocks.

Freight bill factoring is the process of selling business invoices or accounts receivable to a factoring company, like Charter Capital. It’s a great alternative to waiting for customers to pay or taking out a bank loan. Here’s how it works:

  1. You continue to bill your customers as you always have.
  2. You submit the invoices that you want to factor to Charter Capital along with our simple factor form.
  3. We wire your funds directly into your bank account, typically, on the same day you invoice.
  4. We wait for your customer to pay us directly. When we receive payment, we notify you on the same day.
  5. You continue to grow your business, free from clash flow worries.

At Charter Capital, each client is assigned one dedicated account manager, making coordination easy. We also provide back-office support for credit and collections and mailing out invoices.


Benefits of Freight Bill Factoring with Charter Capital

  • Fast access to working capital at low rates for local and regional carriers, long haul carriers and freight brokers.
  • Minimal paperwork, easy application.
  • You factor only the invoices you choose.
  • Highest advance rates in the industry.
  • No term contracts.
  • Low rates, no hidden fees.
  • Free credit checks.
  • Fuel cards available.
  • Free load board access.
  • Does not increase your business debt.
  • Extend generous payment terms without having to borrow money.
  • Reduce bank NSF charges.
  • Negotiate supplier discounts.