When it comes to freight factoring,
one star stands behind you.

  • Fast approval process
  • Flexible freight factoring terms
  • Same day funding
  • Competitive rates

Freight factoring gives you fast steady access to working capital for:

Image of a shield to represent protection.

Protect your business.

fuel - Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies

The lifeblood of your business.

driver - Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies

Meet payroll obligations and add new drivers

maintainence - Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies

Routine or unexpected repairs.

operations - Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies

Expand freight operations.


Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies and Freight Brokers


OTR Transportation

Steady cash flow is the fuel that accelerates your business. A freight factoring line from Charter Capital is your solution for obtaining funds and services to operate and grow your trucking company. Borrowing from a commercial bank or online lender these days can be full of pitfalls, so rely on Charter Capital for affordable working capital without incurring additional debt, speedy service that keeps you rolling, and an easy funding process that removes roadblocks.

Freight factoring is the process of selling business invoices or accounts receivable to a factoring company for trucking, like Charter Capital. It’s a great alternative to waiting for customers to pay or taking out a bank loan.

How Does Truck Factoring Work?

  • You continue to bill your customers as you always have.
  • You submit the invoices that you want to factor to Charter Capital along with our simple factor form.
  • We wire your funds directly into your bank account, typically on the same day you invoice.
  • We wait for your customer to pay us directly. When we receive payment, we notify you on the same day.
  • You continue to grow your business, free from cash flow worries.

At Charter Capital, each client is assigned one dedicated account manager, making coordination easy. We also provide back-office support for credit and collections and mailing out invoices.

Benefits of Using a Truck Factoring Company

  • Fast access to working capital at low rates for local and regional carriers, long haul carriers and freight brokers.
  • Minimal paperwork, easy application.
  • You factor only the invoices you choose.
  • Highest advance rates in the industry.
  • No term contracts.
  • Low rates, no hidden fees.
  • Free credit checks.
  • Fuel cards available.
  • Does not increase your business debt.
  • Extend generous payment terms without having to borrow money.
  • Reduce bank NSF charges.
  • Negotiate supplier discounts.

Types of Freight Companies Using Our Freight Factoring Services

Charter Capital offers freight factoring services to owner-operators and small to medium-size trucking companies nationwide, giving you a readily available source of funds. You get working capital without incurring additional debt.

Types of freight companies we serve:

  • – Owner-Operators
  • – Small and Mid-Size Trucking Fleets
  • – Freight Brokers
  • – Auto Haulers
  • – Dump Truck Services
  • – Oilfield Transportation Services
  • – Hot Shot Trucking
  • – OTR & Motor Carriers

More benefits of freight factoring for trucking companies & owner-operators:

  1. Speedy service and funding within 24 hours once your account is set up.
  2. Immediate cash flow to help operate your business.
  3. Flexibility to structure customized financing.
  4. Flexibility to factor only the invoices you choose.
  5. Minimal paperwork and a user-friendly application.
  6. No hidden fees, no application fee.
  7. No long-term contracts.
  8. Free credit checks.
  9. Fuel cards available.
  10. Highest advance rates in the industry.
  11. Comprehensive reporting.

The extra mile, defined.

As a small to medium-size carrier, you need steady cash flow to pay for fuel, repairs, insurance, payroll, and more to keep your business rolling. Freight factoring is a common tool used by many trucking companies that gives you fast access to working capital.

At Charter Capital, fast cash at competitive rates is just the beginning. You also get:

  • – Customized financing that fits your needs.
  • – Transportation specialists who understand your unique business problems and goals.
  • – A true partner to help you overcome financing hurdles and do the extra work to make factoring work for you.
  • – Dedicated account managers who care about your business.
  • – Fast response with no layers of approvals.

We’ve earned a reputation for assisting trucking businesses over the past 30 years. Long-term customer relationships and client referrals illustrate the positive results of your personal, one-on-one service.

How does it work? Easy!

Our funding method acts as an alternative source of business financing and eliminates many of the criteria required for traditional bank loans. Your ability to get funding is based on the creditworthiness of your customers, not your balance sheet. The amount of funding you have access to increases in proportion to your invoicing.

Grow Your Trucking Company with Freight Factoring

trucking accounts receivable factoring companies

The key to growing a freight company, or any business for that matter, is working smarter—not harder! Of course, that’s easier said than done. Here are a few ways lean and mean freight companies can make cash owed to them work smarter.

Make Your Money Work

Perhaps the most difficult part of running a fleet of fewer than 100 trucks is maintaining positive cash flow. If one truck needs repairs, it can cripple an organization until those wheels hit the road again. That’s one less account receivable coming in the door at the same time an account payable—mechanic’s services—is outbound.

One way to maintain cash flow without hitting the brakes is by using a freight factoring company. A factoring service funds slow-paying freight bills so that fleet operators can keep their feet on the gas pedal. By receiving payments early, operators have money to pay drivers, maintain vehicles, and even expand.

Invoice factoring allows business owners to grow their business without the stress of maintaining cash flow. Fleet operators can’t take their time delivering their goods, so they shouldn’t have to wait for payments once the service is provided.

Here’s how it works: When a driver delivers freight to a customer, you send the bill to the customer and submit a copy to a factoring company like Charter Capital. The factoring company pays you, and you use the funds to grease the wheels of your successful business. Once the freight customer pays the factoring company, the transaction is finished.

Free Fuel Advance for Your Business

Turn your freight bills into SAME-DAY cash!

  • Low Rates
  • No Term Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Credit Checks
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Fuel Cards Available
  • Free Load Board Access
  • And MORE!

So why choose freight bill factoring over a traditional bank loan?

For starters, getting approved to use invoice factoring is a lot easier than getting approved for a bank loan. For a small or new company that hasn’t had the opportunity to establish credit, a factoring service can fill the void with limited fees and quick access to cash flow. Invoice factoring approval is based on the credit of a business’s customers—not on the credit of the fleet operator or manager.

Freight factoring avoids debt. Freight factoring companies take a small percentage from the amount you charge your customers. There’s no debt on your balance sheet and no interest for you to repay. You’ve delivered a service, and by using a factoring service, you’ll be paid almost immediately for services rendered rather than waiting up to 90 days for the customer to pay up.

Using freight factoring for trucking companies is also a quicker process than getting a bank loan. Some freight factoring companies can issue a direct deposit or wire money the same day. Banks can take weeks or even months to approve a business loan.

Don’t let a 90-day wait for customers to pay their bills stunt your business’s ability to grow. Contact us for your freight factoring needs.

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