Industries that benefit from invoice factoring


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for many industries.

Many types of companies and different industries can benefit from Invoice Factoring. Seasonal industries, companies with infrequent income, or those with an unsteady and unbalanced cash flow due to the nature of their business are key candidates for factoring. In fact, invoice factoring is probably the quickest form of business finance and we make it easy. You don’t need a business plan, a tax statement or any other financial document to get accounts receivable factoring.

Growing business financing

Industries that benefit from invoice factoring

Charter Capital has more than 20 years hands-on experience financing companies in many different industries. We understand the challenges you face and will put our industry expertise to work for you. Below are just a few examples of the industries for which we provide invoice factoring services. Click on yours to see how we can benefit you.

Trucking and Freight Services
Trucking companies often prefer Charter Capital’s Freight Bill Factoring program because we can meet the high demands of these fast-moving companies.
Very often staffing companies run into cash flow problems when faced with making payroll. For businesses like these, Invoice Factoring makes perfect sense.
Factoring provides a readily available source of cash to purchase materials, maintain inventory, or expand operations.
Security Firms
Charter Capital has a great deal of experience accommodating the financing needs of security companies.
Consulting & Service Firms
Factoring is an ideal cash flow solution for service companies such as professional consulting or technology service companies.
Oil and Gas Services
Charter Capital works with many oil and gas servicing companies who have gained a competitive advantage with invoice factoring.