Economy Recovering – Bank Loans Still Scarce

With FDIC reserves plunging to $10.4 billion from $45 billion last fall and the number of troubled banks rising to 416 from 305 in the first quarter, more pressure is being put on banks to “shape up”.

Although the economy is showing clear signs of recovery, the banking sector may not rebound any time soon. It’s possible that the continued problems in the banking industry will substantially outlast the recession, resulting in a significantly suppressed availability of credit in a recovering economy.

With many banks struggling to keep their doors open, small business owners seeking financing, who are already finding limited options, are faced with desperate cash flow issues. As businesses attempt to recover along with the economy, they need financing solutions now.  It is critical that businesses acquire a funding source that is readily available and dependable.

Accounts Receivable Financing is an often overlooked choice for growing businesses. This form of financing (also known as Factoring), is a financial tool that allows businesses to capitalize on the power of their outstanding invoices. Factoring is a valuable mechanism to turn a business’ invoices into immediate cash, enabling them to fund business operations.

It is not widely understood, but a factoring firm provides funds to its clients based upon its clients’ accounts receivable. Most invoices billed to credit worthy customers can qualify. Banks, on the other hand, must consider more stringent criteria before qualifying a borrower for any type of funding. In most cases, when considering assisting a business based strictly upon its accounts receivable, factoring companies can provide funds when a commercial bank cannot.


Keith Mabe is Vice President of Operations at Charter Capital, a leading invoice factoring company for small to mid-sized businesses. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Charter Capital provides accounts receivable financing and asset-based lending for major industries including freight and transportation, consulting firms, service providers, staffing firms, distributors and manufacturers, an oil and gas service companies.

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