An Optimistic Future for Small Business

Recent economic reports have indicated that we may pull through the current economic crisis reasonably soon. Many economists believe that the economy is beginning to show signs of recovery.

However, the fact remains that any rebound from the current recession may be muted and difficult see in real terms. Even if economists see recovery, it is still too far off to have any positive effect on small business. A concrete example of this slow road to recovery is the average bank.

Most banks are still not lending to small business nearly as much as they once were. Even in the wake of positive economic reports, these lenders are still tightly holding onto their funds. So it seems, for small business, the economy has not yet begun to stir. With more and more businesses seeking out the necessary funds to drive their business out of this recession, it’s clear that traditional lending is not meeting this need.

Those that are seeking some form traditional bank financing are currently better off looking for private asset-based funding. During troubled times like these, asset-based financing (such as invoice factoring) has come to the aid of businesses many times by providing the necessary financing that traditional lenders are unable to consider.

While banks continue to recover, more business owners are discovering the benefits of a lending alternative like asset-based financing (invoice factoring). With the funds they need, businesses can continue to operate and eventually grow once the recession ended.

While economic optimism is contagious, it may not truly reflect the current conditions and address the needs of businesses today. The truth: The outlook for the economy remains uncertain, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Keith Mabe is Vice President of Operations at Charter Capital, a leading invoice factoring company for small to mid-sized businesses. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Charter Capital provides accounts receivable financing and asset-based lending for major industries including freight and transportation, consulting firms, service providers, staffing firms, distributors and manufacturers, an oil and gas service companies.

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