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Invoice Factoring Company & Accounts Receivable Management Firm

Charter Capital is a leading invoice factoring company, and is recognized as one of the hardest-working independent providers of alternative financial services for small to mid-sized companies. We offer a complete line of accounts receivable funding, invoice factoring, and related cash flow solutions. In today’s economy, where businesses are under a continuous credit squeeze, Charter Capital is your alternative source for traditional business financing.Invoice Factoring Company

We work with businesses to offer competitive rates, same-day funding, and no hidden fees to help your company maintain its cash flow. Our high client retention rates are reflected through our dedication to customer service that sets us apart from other factoring companies.

Why choose Charter Capital as your invoice factoring company?

  • Same-Day Funding
  • Low Rates
  • No Hidden Fees

We truly value our relationships with our clients and we understand their need for funding on their terms. We offer same-day funding without long-term contracts, which is rare in among invoice factoring companies. There are also no hidden maintenance fees with our invoice and accounts receivable factoring.

Our process for invoice factoring is simple: provide an invoice to your customer as you always have. Then, you submit the invoices that you want to us. We wire funds directly to your business and Charter Capital waits for the payment from the customer. This enables your business to grow without the stress of trying to maintain cash flow. The amount of funding you have access to increases in proportion to your invoicing and we can fund as little as $10,000 a month and up to $2 million for larger companies.

We serve a number of industries including, but not limited to:

If your company is growing and you’re tired of waiting for your customers to pay, then invoice factoring is an ideal solution.

See how invoice factoring from the top invoice factoring company in the market can make a difference for your business. To get started, call us toll free at 1-877-960-1818 or fill out our factoring application form. It just takes just a couple of minutes, and we will contact you with a quote in less than 24 hours.

There is no risk, fee or obligation for receiving an invoice factoring quote from Charter Capital.

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